Business Process Improvement


At SGK we provide a systematic approach to help companies optimise their underlying business processes to achieve more efficient results.

We work with business owners to agree key goals such as increased profitability, cashflow, reduced costs and overall growth.

The typical services we provide are:

  • Procedures when opening new customer credit accounts
  • Cash Collection Procedures to significantly reduce Debtors’ Days and Bad Debts
  • Optimisation of Purchases and Creditors’ Control Processes
  • Implementation of Cost Centres to enable reporting of various business divisions
  • Stock Control and Accurate Valuation
  • Cash and Bank Processing Procedures and Treasury Management
  • Standardisation of Group Reporting for Subsidiary Companies
  • Optimisation in Revenue Returns and Compliance
  • Selection and Training on Accounting and Payroll Software
  • Training of Existing Accounts Personnel to produce Monthly Management Accounts and Reports

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